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Sunday, 09 June 2013 09:01

Choy HH, Khalib AL


Surprisingly little was known about the importance of touch in life which was placed at a lower emphasis than the rest-namely visual, auditory, olfactory sense and etc. This writing aimed to decipher the significances of interpersonal touch, its culture, practices, barriers and challenges, which were then conveyed to the public as a form of health promotion. Methodology includes narrative review where the suitable literatures used were searched using ScienceDirect database under the keywords of “Interpersonal Touch”, “Oxytocin” and “Touch”. In this review, we have highlighted some of the most critical points which should have been promoted to the public. For example, touch satisfies individual psychosomatic and psychosocial needs. It forms a non-verbal communication culture which interacts about emotions, trust, compliance and more. Furthermore, it has been linked to the secretion of multifunctional bioactive chemical-oxytocin which was well-known in its therapeutic advantages for a wide range of commonest chronic diseases and social ills. Although some dysfunctional consequences may be resulted, incorporating genuine interpersonal touch into today’s efforts is undeniably viewed as a good option in solving many social problems.

Key words: Interpersonal touch, touch hunger, oxytocin, therapeutic potential, health promotion, challenges.

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