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Husbands’ Experience With Their Wives’ Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 July 2012 13:30

Yusoff N, Reiko Yap KM, Ahmad A


This study aims to explore the life experience of the husbands of women who survived breast cancer for more than five years following breast removal. Basic interpretative of qualitative methodology was applied in order to construct the phenomenon of breast cancer from the perspective of husbands. This approach allowed researchers to explore in-depth the experience of husbands in facing breast cancer of their wives. Four themes were identified. These are marital challenges, pattern of life, supportive atmosphere and psychological defenses. Health strategies should direct the family member to the specific pathway in order to facilitate them towards the effective action of healthcare at their level.  Evidence from this study is a direction for future research and health planning for better health policy.

Key words: Breast cancer, husband’s perspective, qualitative methodology.

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